Gloria Zhu


Company: Workit Health
What I Did: Marketing Strategy // Ad Campaigns // Landing Page Design // Marketing Analytics // Press // Community Building // Content Marketing, Strategy & Blog // Social Media Marketing // Brand Awareness & Growth // Partnerships & Enterprise Accounts

Workit Health is the world's first addiction care program providing online and offline solutions to provide personalized and science-backed treatment for all.

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Gloria’s efforts across a wide range of marketing campaigns always performed beyond expectation in terms of driving traffic to Workit’s website, developing enterprise partnerships, encouraging individuals users to sign up for Workit, and generating revenue.
— Amy Compeau, former Workit Health colleague (Product Designer)
montage ventures brand building

Company: Montage Ventures
What I Did: Community Building // Social Media Marketing & Management // Engagement & Brand Awareness (Specifically for portfolio companies)

Montage Ventures is a San Francisco Bay Area venture capital firm that actively investing in financial services, e-commerce, marketplaces, and healthcare startups.

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