Gloria Zhu
workit health marketing portfolio

Company: Workit Health
What I Did: Marketing Strategy // Ad Campaigns // Landing Page Design // Marketing Analytics // Press // Community Building // Content Marketing, Strategy & Blog // Social Media Marketing // Brand Awareness & Growth // Partnerships & Enterprise Accounts

Workit Health is the world's first addiction care program providing online and offline solutions to provide personalized and science-backed treatment for all.

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Gloria managed a complex marketing program played a critical role in its success at Workit Health.
— Jay Stampfl, Founder of Blackbird PPC

hive america for animals portfolio
america for animals hive marketing portfolio

Company: America For Animals - Hive
What I Did: Social Media Marketing Strategy // Ad Campaigns // Landing Page Design // Marketing Analytics // Community Building // Content Marketing & Strategy

Hive (by America For Animals) is a social network for animal advocates, pet lovers & owners to get involved in helping and protecting animals.

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Gloria has been a strategic thinker and leader for America For Animals. She’s been a source of ideas and energy for the projects she’s worked on.
— Jonathan Wadley, Founder at America For Animals